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To Wax or Not To Wax?

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  • To Wax or Not To Wax?

    Starting out in this biz as a kid, I loved the honey smell of the "new" bowl waxes. They were made from bees wax.
    I don't know what they're made from nowadays and they sure as he77 don't smell like honey. All I know now is that I'll never buy another one.
    A half dozen of them melted on the rear seat of my truck and I just wasted 3 hours cleaning up the mess.

    So........ What's the best: foam/rubber/plastic/silicone/paper mache/masa/bisquick

    Thanks in advance.

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    I usually never keep stock wax rings on the truck for that reason. They either melt or are rock hard frozen in the winter. But I can get a wax ring for $1.02 at my supply store or pay $9.00 for a foam one.


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      Move to so cal. I keep a dozen assorted in the truck and a few cases in the shop.

      they make for a good lubricant and thread sealer with Ibco plugs.

      phoebe it is


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        Wax is all I've ever used. Put them in a small cooler.


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          Sta-Put plumbers putty. Or use a Zurn neoseal.
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            i like the wax seals, but i hate the schitty boxes they come in. the ends never stay shut or closed and they fall out during transit. im getting to the point where i carry both the newer foam seals, which work in most cases, and only 1 wax ring.

            ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder