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Winterizing time in Minnesota (?)

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  • Winterizing time in Minnesota (?)

    Just got my first call to winterize foreclosures.

    I used to do them when they paid well but not any more.

    Women calls from ABC construction, I ask what their paying. $50.00 (including anti freeze)

    I was really good about it, didn't laugh. Didn't swear.

    Started to explain about getting what you pay for.
    Realized it would do no good and said good bye.
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      Some folks should not be in business. Many of them figure how long it's going to take you and guess what your hourly rate is never giving a thought to what the market is for it or what it's worth.
      So now you you got these yahoo contractors pounding they're subs into the dirt so they work for wages or much less. We got plenty of those jerks here in SoCal. You can see them coming, wearing shades when it's cloudy, big chain around a skinny neck, baseball hat on backwards, empty cans of monster in the truck bed, positively breathtaking, yea baby.


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        Mighty, looks like they also deleted your post count. you're down to 23.

        You also remind me of Adam / dirtyhands with This post.


      • Mightyservant
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        It's probably one of those bleep bird subs sitting in his monster gaming chair, ball cap backwards wearing Vonzippers in a dark room, taking a drag from a KOOL menthol who just clicked my behind out of existence looking over his shoulder cause he's got the shakes and thought he heard footsteps but it really his ole lady downstairs freaking out over a large roach..