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? Pex Rings, GO, NO go, gauge?

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  • ? Pex Rings, GO, NO go, gauge?

    I was reading Cable or root's, Post on crimp rings or cinch rings, and got reading some articles on Crimp rings,

    and yes I looked at the go no go gauge and when I first started, I checked a few, and all fit the go side, and never really looked at it further, well when I was reading the no go is smaller or tighter, than the go, I had it in my mind that the no go was bigger than the go side, but it is smaller,
    Now my shark bite crimpers are touching when closed and it makes the go side just fine, so I do not know how I could "over crimp" them.

    normally I have always thought the clamps should be good and tight, (not cutting into the pipe or plastic, but tight),

    but I guess my question is what is the danger of "over crimping" them a bit? I measured the gauge I have and it is about 20 to 30 thousandths smaller, (the difference is from memory) so it may not be exact, but the No go is just a touch smaller.

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    I'm guessing that if you were to over crimp too much that could either cut the tubing due to the crimp ring getting too close to the fitting. or extreme over crimp could crush the fitting some. I've tried to find the actual min/max crimp size for 1/2" and 3/4" pex without any luck. The cheap stamped go-no/go gauges make me also wonder how accurate the crimp really needs to be.
    Wish I could find the actual spec sizes in decimal inches or mm so I could check some with calipers sometime.


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      what MAS said. The points at which the crimpers come together wear down and allow for a tighter close.

      I use stainless steel sleeves and dont have this problem to worry about.

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