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RS 570 pipe vise ideas

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  • RS 570 pipe vise ideas

    The Recip Saw has it own pipe vise.
    1. Why didn't Ridgid use a pipe vise from one of the compound pipe wrenches, instead of another one?
    2. They could also just manufacture an universal adapter for other recip saws such as Ridgid orange to use the same pipe vise.

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    Hi Mark7 ,

    These are interesting ideas. I am curious how you heard of this tool? It is only launching into the European Markets and replacing a 550-1 model we carried. That model had the same chain vise and was very accepted in that region.

    Thanks for the feedback!


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      That type of saw and vise design has been around a long time. Rems has had it for well over a decade. Blades are a much heavier design and are not your basic sawzall thin kerf blade .

      I have the Milwaukee bandsaw stand that cuts nice and square for bench top cuts.

      phoebe it is