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    just wondering what your favourite tool is. The one that when you use it, makes you smile. For me it?s my Milwaukee pvc sheers. When I bought them I thought they were gimmicky, but every time I cut a piece of pipe I love them more.

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    my problem is I have a lot of favorite tools, and a lot depends on what I am doing, I think my cordless tools are my "favorites" in that dragging cords and moving them is such a pain in the rear, and yes I have a portable generator even, but still to be able to grab a tool and now have nearly or the same power as the corded tool, still amazes me,

    (no when they first came out, I was not impressed with cordless tools), and my current tools are a generation or more old, but still empress me, and smile seeing the cord still rolled up,

    and if I have one tool as a favorite, is my old table saw, I bought a old walker turner table saw when I was in highschool from the school shop, still love using that saw, and making things, (I have a dewalt contractors saw and it is not even 1/2 the saw as the old walker turner),

    my overall favorite is my old table saw, and probably the ones that come in second is the cordless tools,

    and as I get older the air nailers are nice when your doing a lot,

    and the new screws, GRK type are a blessing, (not really a tool but still a vast improvement over the old counter sunk head, straight blade screwdriver type, that was about the only thing out where in the 70's when I started building),

    and I love the hammer drill, (yes they were around when I started in construction, but few could afford them, I don't know haw many holes I drilled with a star bit and a regular drill with a carbide bit in it (no impact) drill a bit, hammer with the star bit and then drill some more and hammer, drill, hammer, drill, and so on,

    Diamond blades are nice as well,
    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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      In the construction industry, cordless tools are the most important technological advance in the last quarter of the 20th Century. I think computational technology (computers, smart phones, instant information retrieval) is the lynch pin of the 1st quarter of the present century.


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        I don't know. Cordless tools have been a game changer but before the year 2000 they were nothing to write home about. In the last 5 or 6 years they have been significantly improved due to improvements in battery technology.

        The 'new tools' that they dribble out when they want to we could have had years ago. They let them out in a trickle so they can say they are constantly increasing their lineup or some other advertising mumbo jumbo. All the camera companies did the same thing through out the 60s, 70s, and on into the 90s. Every industry that sells something to an end user has done it since the beginning of time I bet. The big three armament manufacturers did it during WW I and WW II, and even before that. Krupp was the master at this and was upselling one military to their neighbors all the time for hundreds of years. For an interesting read find "THE ARMS OF KRUPP: 1587-1968" by William Manchester on Amazon.

        It's part of their marketing strategy, give them just enough to get them to purchase then when sales start to drop off have a sale and bundle some of the now outdated tools into kits with a modest savings to draw out the last few holdouts. Then, come out with an 'improved' model when the kit sales start to fall off and grab the "early adopters". From there, it's the holiday shopping season so hold the prices as long as you dare until just before Christmas, then drop them to pick up the last minute shoppers and those out on their second or third round of buying. But bring the prices back up to catch all the holiday gift card purchases that extend the holiday shopping season for about a month.
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          My recent favorite tool has been my ProPress tools. I held off on purchasing them for a long time and once I started using it I realized I was foolish for waiting as long as I did.


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            Totally agree, this has been an absolute game changer