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K-380 Drum Wobble

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  • K-380 Drum Wobble

    I have a Ridgid K-380 drain router that is about 3 years old now. About a year ago, it began to develop significant wobble of the drum. I typically use it about 3 times per year so figure that its been used about 15 times. In any event, the wobble has become so severe that the screw on the rear of the drum that holds the cable retainer clip in place started banging against the frame of the tool on each rotation the last time that I used it. This now results in the drum disconnecting from the drive belt. I’ve noticed that the center hole of the drum through which the “axle” protrudes looks a bit beat up although this could be a symptom, not the cause.

    What parts should I be evaluating in order to resolve this dramatic wobble? The machine is basically unusable right know and I can hear the tree roots growing…


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    There seems to be more than a few situations that are going on here. I would suggest going to the technical service portion of our web site where you will find a parts break down for this tool. It sounds to me that you might be missing a retaining clip off of the axle, but before I bought anything I would want to check the tool out in comparison to the parts list. You might want to contact a technical service representative directly as they can help you diagnose the problem or get you in touch with a local service center. Sorry for the delay in my response and hope this helps out.