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Union pipefitter apprenticeship.

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  • Union pipefitter apprenticeship.

    Hey guys I'm new here and this is my first post. Does anyone here have epilepsy or a seizure disorder? I'm wanting to get into the apprenticeship program but I'm worried that I won't even have a chance to because of my epilepsy I have seizures maybe once or twice a year. I'm just wondering if it's even worth the hassle of applying for the union pipefitters apprenticeship program. Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to read this post.

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    Most apprenticeship programs I know of have a medical exam requirement as well as other tests. If you pass that and are up front about your situation then it's up to the apprenticeship committee when they review applications. I can't remember this situation coming up in our local in the past so I can't give you a hint to how it might go.

    I don't know how familiar you are with plumbing, pipefitting, or welding (but you must have some idea if you are here asking about it) or what area of the trade you want to concentrate in but have you considered all the situations you could be in and how your condition could put you at risk and/or others? And I say that with no knowledge of how severe you seizures may be. Maybe it's not a concern at all, I don't know. but if you apply and get called for an interview just be honest and take it from there.

    How did you get interested in the pipe trades?

    Best of luck with your pursuit. It's a very rewarding career with many areas of specialization. There is the potential to make a very good living for yourself.
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      Bob D. Thanks for your thoughts on this situation.

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    Bob D. Thanks for replying so quickly. I've taken the pre interview test just waiting to hear if I passed to even get an interview. I'm a welder/ Plasma Table operator right now in a production plant but I'm topped out on pay at 17.21 hr. And can't go any further. I've never had a seizure on the job it's usually when I first wake up in the morning. My brother in law is a residential plumber and I help him out from time to time. I got hooked when I worked as a helper for a couple pipefitters and plumbers that were in the union on a job in my home town. I really haven't wanted to do any other type of job since then.