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  • Work van suggestions

    I've been an apprentice for 2 years now. Working out of a dodge grand caravan.
    I'm looking to purchase a used cargo van and want to know what most guys use in terms of light/heavy duty.
    Chevy 1500, 2500, 3500.
    I do mostly residential service in the north end of Chicago and surrounding suburbs.
    I've got a k1500 with 2 baskets of cable being the heaviest equipment but also have a camera, k50, and all the fittings and power tools that at the end of the day weigh quite a bit.
    With the new truck I also want to be able to tow the occasional yard or 2 of gravel or mud from the occasional dig up.
    Also I plan I building out the interior storage with plywood
    Would a 1500 be sufficient or should I look for bigger

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    I got a diesel transit box, 350hd, 16 ft box, it’s still not big enough, bigger the better I say


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      you need a 1 ton van. a 1500 will get you killed and a 2500 is still to light for what you're describing. both in suspension , axles and brakes.

      phoebe it is


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        Bigger is always better till you need to find parking in Chicago.
        That's why I'm looking for a short wheelbase and will have to make sacrifices in what stays in the van and what's stays in storage and pulled as needed.
        I don't like the idea of a box truck cuz without the 3rd door I feel like you can't use the space as efficiently. You have to leave an aisle just to be able to to get equipment out.
        If there's one thing that drives me nuts about my bosses van is the need to unload the whole thing just to get a fitting or remove the camera. It is very inefficiently loaded.


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          My bosses truck is a '18 chevy express 1500.
          Granted it's not loaded optimally but I've driven it with a yard a gravel inside plus some equipment and I didn't feel like the truck had any issues accelerating, braking or turning.
          Again it's not exactly the same as I want to occasionally tow but I'm curious to know what other residential service oriented plumbers drive and why did they go with their choice


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            A 1500 is just too light weight for plumbers that carry tools, equipment, and materials. wait till you blow through brakes and axle bearings.


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          I hear you.
          Thanx for the input.