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** Drain Cleaning, Hydro Jetting Warranty** SOS

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  • ** Drain Cleaning, Hydro Jetting Warranty** SOS

    What's good fellas! This is my first post on the RIGID forum. I own a plumbing company in CA, we currently offer drain cleaning as a service for our residential and commercial customers. We recently purchased a sewer inspection camera, mini jetter, locator in addition to our normal line up of RIGID snakes.

    I need some HELP!

    1.What warranty IF any do you offer for mainline, secondary line snaking, hydro jetting etc..What circumstance void warranty
    2. Do you offer camera inspections for free with drain cleaning?
    3. What do you charge for hydro jetting for secondary lines? What if the customer wants a second line cleaned do I double the price?
    4. What do you charge for hydro jetting of mainlines?


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    I dont warranty anything without a camera, 95% dont warranty any drain calls, I cant control their old drain or what they put in it, but sometimes I'll warranty it so they will call me back to have a repeat customer, case by case basis, I give small discounts for additional drains, if I think I can sell good repairs for showing problems I camera for free, I'm already there, its not much trouble to camera it, if they pay for a jet I always camera, I make enough on a jet to compensate for it, free camera has helped me make alot of repairs
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      Thanks for the feedback! What Ive gathered so far is that people Dont warranty MAINLINES if there’s roots, breaks, offsets, cracked piping etc....How about secondary lines, kitchen drains, bath drains etc?? Also, the mini jetter I have is 4000 PSI @ 4 GPM, is that safe for 1-1/2- 2" lines?

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    If i see anything at all wrong with line I dont warranty anything, if a line is designed right & in good shape & people aren't abusing it, it should not clog, small electric jetter works good for 1-1/2 to 2 in lines, just be careful with the extra water, I try not to jet in a house unless I have to