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Water supply pipe choice

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  • Water supply pipe choice

    I'm new to plumbing and would like to tackle the supply water pipe job myself. Upon looking at the available choices, seems that Copper is still considered the safest among others, when using lead free solder.

    For the pipe going to the well, a sub told me he'd be using polypipe, which I'm not exactly sure about its material, polyethylene?

    Being concerned for water quality, I'm willing to spend some extra bucks. A quick search on google shows negative results for most. PEX leaches stuff, PVC produces endocrine disruptors... the safest seems to be PP(polypropylene), at my local store they advertise it as "medical grade" being the safest among plastic pipes, downside is it's rigid (no pun intended), and requires heat to connect, and dunno if code approves it.

    I hope I'm not being paranoid, but it seems that more people are paying attention to their water quality. In the city one has no choice really since you have no control over the supply line; in the country where you dig your own well, what would be considered the best practice?

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    His choice, if it is polyethylene, is what we use for buried water service. It requires heat fusion, so best if installed by a professional.