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  • For my own knowledge

    Does anyone have info on this style of waste for a lav sink? I've never seen this before. I'm going to use a 1 1/4" furnco because it won't show in the sink base. What fittings were used back in the day?

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    Wouldn’t it be better just to replace the whole sink? Interesting find, I wonder if anyone makes a super deep pop up assembly. Either way i would not use a fernco there


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      Not my first choice to use a furnco either, and not my find, customer found. Home owner is here at their summer home for this week only, they want installed NOW. So without haveing/knowing any information on the proper parts to use, furnco is it. Besides a furnco won't damage anything, and if I ever find the proper parts they can be installed later. Super deep popup won't work as wasteway is 1"ish in diameter and there is a cross grid cast into the sink that is not shown.


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        So if anyone cares about this plumbing mystery, here's what I found out so far. According to Lydia at DEA Bath, this lav was attached to the building plumbing with, drum roll please, a section of rubber hose. Waste parts are no longer available she said. So I have to take her response with a grain of salt. Maybe what she ment was, the proper red rubber hose is no longer available. Look at the ridges, not threads, it is highly probable it was designed for a hose connection. It would be nice to find a picture somewhere to settle it. So I was feeling pretty good about the mystery solved until I remembered the ears under the sink. What were they used for if it was just a hose connection with hose clamps? My guess is this. Hose clamps were invented in 1921. This sink predates this. Before this, on air and water hoses wire was used to tighten the hose to fittings. These ears I believe, served as a wire tie off point. This is just a guess. I have a call out to the National Museum of Industrial History to see what they say on wire used for hose connections.
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          Very cool thanks for the update