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    I just finished framing a new house in a lake developemnt that requires a grinder pump and six foot high tank. I have looked at Goulds and meyer any comments on brands and tanks? They are all priced about $3200. I am also starting the rough plumbin g this week and was going to try pex for the first time. I have always plumbed with copper, and always plumbed downhill to a basement drain so I could drain the whole house if needed that is one thing I dont like about pex is all the valleys that will hold water.

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    Re: grinder pump

    Just got home from servicing a Myers grinder pump. Bad situation because the original installers did not install properly and the owners are abusing the system by flushing paper towels. The basin is way too shallow and grease is collecting all over the pump......the pump doesn't run very long because the pump is too the on/off cycle is way short. The basin is concrete and ground water is entering the basin...and leaking out of the basin during dry periods.

    The pumps shredder ring and impeller was packed with sludge and paper towels. Had to pump the whole basin out and clean it with a shop vac.


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      Re: grinder pump

      goulds or zoeller...for grinders i prefer goulds....all the valleys are needed in pex for expansion....
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        Re: grinder pump

        Here is the basin

        Ground water was pushing up through the holes in the bottom

        I pulled 10 pounds of paper towels out of it and cleaned the shred ring/impeller twice. No rail to mount the floats and adjust.....just a real PITA. But it was an emergency and I did all I could for them...the pump is working now but I warned it will not work proper and needs to be corrected ASAP.