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Gasfitting and Type A servicing in Victoria Australia

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  • Gasfitting and Type A servicing in Victoria Australia

    Good evening all.

    I just have to share this with you. If any of you are considering a sea-change downunder give Victoria a very wide berth. Our Regulators has totally stuffed everything Gasfitting here through lack of knowledge and actual hands on in Industry

    Victorian Building Authority
    Gas servicing report submitted details
    Details of gasfitter who carried out the work
    First Name: Paul
    Last Name: Harris
    Licence/registration number:27362
    Business name of vendor: Energy Safe Victoria
    Address at which the work was carried out
    Street address:4 Riverside Quay
    Suburb: Southbank
    State: Victoria
    Details of work carried out, including any adjustments, replacements, testing and repairs:
    Destroyed what was left of the Type A Gas appliance service Industry with little regard for those of us who have worked safely in it for many decades- 10 years of being ignored only to see the last of us hunted to extinction
    Has the work been completed?:Yes
    Date of completion:1/06/2022
    Value of the work:$millions
    Details of Appliance
    Type of appliance: Incinerator
    Make: Type A Servicing
    Model: Type A Licenses
    Model Number: VBA Type A Licenses
    Date of manufacture: 1/6/2022
    Certification body: ESV-VBA
    Certification number:001- Stupid
    AS 4575 Appendix E Checklist
    Gas appliance servicing checklist
    Has the appliance been cleaned?: yes completely cleaned MRS Jones right out of all cash
    Test Record
    Instrument details:

    AS4575 joke model

    The more the regulator got involved the more damage the industry suffered
    Number and location of exhaust fans: all over the world

    Observations and identified faults (Gasfitter to note any observations and faults identified during service.): ESV and the VBA Barnum Bailey Circus
    Remedial action taken in relation to identified faults (Gasfitter to note any actions taken): Get someone who has actually worked in gas appliance servicing to run the show - You have stuffed it up for over a decade

    Declaration & signature
    Signature of licensed gasfitter who carried out or supervised the work. (Type out full name of licensed gasfitter):

    Paul Harris
    Date of declaration:


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    I cannot tell if you are referring to excessive regulations for gasfitting or just poor regulation.

    Never been to downunder - I do have friends and relatives in both Aus and NZ including Melbourne - maybe will make it out there for a visit one day.


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      Been to both AZ and NZ 3x.

      During the rail transit strike of 1990, they welded the trains wheels to the tracks in the middle of the city in Melbourne.


    • blue_can
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      Wow - you must like it if you went 3x. Thought about a trip just before the pandemic hit and then did not travel anywhere for the last 2 years.