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K-750 drain cleaner

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  • K-750 drain cleaner

    Just purchased the k-750 with 100 feet of the
    3/4 inch ic cable .heavy duty stuff.

    to lighten the unit i am wondering about running with 75 feet hollow cable 5/8.

    does any one have any idea how tuff this 5/8 cable is for working with 4 inch main sewer pipe?

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    Kerri, "How tough is 5/8" in a 4" line is a pretty general question. Of course the Hollow core cable does not have the strength of Inner core, for obvious structural reasons, mainly the lack of the tightly wound inner core cable. The dia. of 5/8" cable is fine for 4" drains but I would not recommend taking on any solid obstructions like roots. Hollow core cable is primarily reserved for applications with multiple 90's or P-traps, where the added flexability of hollow core is needed.

    [ 06-26-2002, 09:29 AM: Message edited by: Ronnie ]