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    Just curious if you guys could shed your personal impressions/expieriences as far as finishing with a strap wrench goes. Considering buying one down the line. How are the RIdgid strap wrenches?


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    scott, i very rarely use my strap wrench. it makes a good opener for a jar.

    i personally recommend a ridgid e110 hex wrench. i use this on traps, and sloan style flush valves.

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      The only thing I ever use a strap wrench for is the chrome ring on the Sloan battery operated flushometer valves. For that I have found that the Craftsman plastic handled strap wrenches work best. They look cheesy, but the thick rubber strap out performs the traditional cloth straps.

      Like Rick, I use a Ridgid E-110 wrench for most chrome nuts.
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        when i did a lot of plumbing i got a strap wrench but did not use it . i have a set of pliers that have smooth jaws and when working finish things i put tape on the jaws or wrap with a rag to protect the finish. this works great.
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          Agreed the cheesy looking plastic handled strap wrenches from craftsman have a heavy rubber strap that works great for the chrome rings on sloans auto flushometers. Much better than the little trash wrenches Sloan provides.

          I also have a good heavy metal handled strap wrench with a heavy rubber type material that I use for small chrome and stainless steel piping that must be wrench tightened and not scarred. It too is a craftsman but I do not have a model number for it. It is a very effective wrench.

          Have not had good results with the cloth and canvass style strap wrenches. It could be a technique issuebut many other plumbers say the same thing. This would be a good tool for Ridgid to improve and market better.

          This is the edited part: On chrome nuts for flushometers and the like I use a 16 inch S&K crecent wrench.
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