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  • mini seasnake plus

    I'm in need of a video unit and noticed the mini seasnake plus.
    Any words or thoughts?
    Any cheaper alternetive (of the same nature).
    The lines are working out to be 1-1/2 to 6".
    Thanks again

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    paulp, a mini seesnake is a very good unit. i would go color, because the white lighting will illuminate the pipe much better. especially in black abs.
    the problem in a mini is the 6'' pipe will be very limited in the distance you can push out. a mini will work good on 4'' and smaller, with decent lighting in black and white, good lighting on a color camera. 6'' is too large to push and see well.

    you need to decide on what type of work you are going to do. i started with a full size seesnake camera before ridgid had their name on it. i then bought a mini black and white. and now a color full size. along with 5 other cameras. i use the full size color 90% of the time. save the mini for small pipe and roof top vents.

    make sure you buy a good locator. the most current one i have is a ridgid scout. i have acquired a good feel for this unit. on my very old units, i had to triangelate to get depths. i still use some of my other (5) locators to double check tuff locations. so far so good.

    to get profficient in locating and camera inspections doesn't happen overnight. you will need to double check your locations prior to digging up concrete.

    phoebe it is