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Changing from 1 sink to 2 -Vent question

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  • Changing from 1 sink to 2 -Vent question

    I'm a carpenter who is getting ready to do my own major bath remodel. In the process I am going to install a 2 bowl naity to replace the single bowl. My question is what is the proper venting? Do I use a "Tee" at each sink location and then angle the leg off the top back up to the exsisting vent? Or just use the 1 exsisting vent and relocate the actual drain? Thanks Tom

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    kungur, the easy way is to use the exisiting waste line and vent. if the centers between the 2 sinks are within 3' 6'' of the waste line, then you can use a double fixture fitting tee to branch off to the sinks.

    the 3'6'' is from the vent intersection of the tee to the weir of the trap. a dirty arm, (at 1/4'' per foot slope) can be used to swing across the wall to the sink cabinet. these measurements are to prevent the trap from being siphoned dry from the flow of waste water. this is based on the upc code.

    phoebe it is


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      It depends

      Hey carpenter it depends on where you live. I guess up here in ontario Canada you can get away with alittle more. What rick said about the slope is true, the only difference her in Canada you can be 4 feet 11 inches away from the vent conection


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        or you could

        Also if you have trouble finding the double waste fitting(I can't seem to find them around my area) Then you can connect one sink lower with a wye and a 45. If you do it this way then this drain is not being vented so you will have to put a tee wye facing up (back vent) and connect it to the vent above the flood level rim of the sinks it is serving. On the other drain you do not require a back vent because it is already being protected. I hope this helps


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          What size is the existing waste and vent? If it's 1 1/2" why not run it like a dual basin kitchen sink? One trap,one vent.The only limitation to consider is the fixture outlet pipe,max developed lengh 36"
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