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black oily ozy residue in hot water

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  • black oily ozy residue in hot water

    changed out old stainless steel water heater feeds to copper flex. drained w.h.5 min. via garden hose. took 4'' grinder, cut off ends of the old HOT W.
    feed, cut the the mesh 6'' long ways . then i cut the black rubber open for 6''
    inside it was black ozy jello. life is good,momma is happy. I know you more experianced folks know about this product failure. i didn't, hope this helps someone. only took me 3 years to read about this condition on another forum. i'll bring it down to the supply house for show and tell.
    wife is thrilled! be well tool.

    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .

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    tool, welcome back i thought you lost us in the new transition. there is someone that has almost the same subscriber name.

    i've know about these stainless flexes atleast 6 years ago. the issue was the type of rubber being used was reacting to the chlorine and chlorimines in the water. the newer replacements have a differet compound than the originals. for some reason this didn't seem to effect the regular 1/2'' water flex lines to sinks and toilet supplies.

    i've actually switched back to copper water flexes at the heaters for more than 1 reason.

    glad to see you're back tool.

    phoebe it is


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      Are you guys referring to the 3/4" braided stainless flex hoses? I've seen them used and always wondered about them. I've used the stainless flex hoses that are like the copper ones. The stainless flex hoses (not stainless braided) bend a lot easier and tend not to kink like the copper ones. I was told by the supply houses in my area that they are code approved. The inspectors haven't said anything about them, but then I didn't point it out either. All they were mostly concerned about was having the water heater strapped and checking for the bond.


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        thank's Rick,plumber, and purple

        yes ,it was the ss braided feeds on w.h. 4 yrs ago ,when we bought the house, it came mostly from the SELDOM used, guest shower mostlly. my wifes a real pleasent person,but sun. morn she saw a lot of this black oily oz from our kitchen sink,she flipped! i sprung into action, BOYNG- BOYNG. took the 2 new feeds that were sitting on the w. h. for about a year. ha ,ha
        and installed. i'm her hero! I know ,i'm a lazy bum, only took a year,after i read the fix. Rick,I gave up on the site after the change. it wouldn't accept
        my password! I , got scared and started peeking out the windows for black helicopters. now they gave my 8 #s like the swiss bank acct. Utah has.
        what's the deal? Tool
        I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .