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ridgid 200 threader

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  • ridgid 200 threader

    looking at a used ridgid 200 threader. it has all it originally came with, good shape. do you have to use the hand threader, with dies ,with this model?
    can i up grade to the adjustible dies, like you have on the 535?
    and what's the most I should pay for this?

    thank's in advance Tool
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    The 200 threader with just one arm requires the use of hand dies or receding adjustable dies. Its a good machine but have a foot pedal installed for saftey. I still have mine and its been going strong for decades. Since you just bought it used have the machine thouroughly checked out through a qualified dealer and let them install the foot pedal for you. If you ever have a jacket or sleeve caught by one of these you will understand why the foot pedal is such a good idea.

    Not sure on the value of a good used one but if the thing is really and truly in good shape then its a good investment. My guess would be 2 to 4 hundred dollars. Check on the price of a new 300 and you will see what I mean. See if the seller has the dies and reamer to go with the machine and expect to pay a few hundred for them as well, unless they are in poor shape.
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      tool, just looked up a couple on ebay. $300-600 for the few out there.

      acople of weeks ago i bought a 270 threader. this is a tripod with a #700 built into 1 of the legs and powers the 2'' capacity chuck. i paid $400 for this at the swap meet. i let a friend borrow it and now doesn't want to give it back.

      these type of machines are basically a power vice. it holds and spins the pipe. you hold a hand pipe cutter, reamer and hand threader up against the 1 pull out pipe. mine did come with the foot pedal. it did not have a rear support behind the hammer style chuck. anything more than 5' requires a rear support.

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        it has the foot pedal,oiler,4 dies,and handle.
        I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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          Mistake It,s The 300 Threader

          I'm getting Part Timers, Me thinks
          I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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            tool, the 300 sells on ebay for 1500-2500. it threads up to 2'' with its die head and can thread up to 6'' with a geared threader attached to the chuck.

            it can be converted to an automatc oiler for faster production work. i don't have this on mine as it can be messy to transport with oil and i don't use it as often as in the old days.

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