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  • Sweating Pipe ;; Please help me out if you have time

    Hello everyone, I've ran into a big problem this past 2 weeks. I'm really an idiot with this plumbing stuff ;;. My cold water pipe is made out of copper. There was a leak on the cold water pipe in the basement and we had someone came to fix it. He cut the area where the pipe was leaking and used a rubber-like material and clamp hose to connect the pipe back together.

    The problem doesn't stop there, water droplets builds up around the area he fixed that causes tiny drops of water to fall, I sort of ignored it because I thought it was only condensation building up. But today when I went down the basement, it was pretty much flooded, the cold water pipe had blew. We got someone else to come in to fix it but this time the plumber used the copper pipes instead of the rubber-like material that was used to connect the pipe together.

    THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM(sorry for the caps) I am facing. The pipes are stilling sweating and producing water droplets but me and my friend can't tell what's actually making the pipe keep sweating. I am scared it'll cause another burst on my pipe and have another flood again or worst, my ceiling collapsing from the water droping ontop of it ;;.

    Is there any thing I can buy that can stop the sweat build up? Any help is going to be really helpful, thanks in advance. :cry:

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    This should keep your pipes from sweating, but what caused it to rupture? Did it freeze? tundra/pipe_index.html

    Or anything similar available at any hardware store.
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      stressedout, lorax is right. sounds like the first person took a shortcut. what is this rubber that was put on the leak. depending on the environment that the pipe, water temp, airtemp, is located you can get condensation. the bigger the temp. differential, the more condensation.

      was the original repair a temporary fix? i would contact the original plumber for a good explaination as to why the flood and rubber repair.

      a real repair with the proper copper fittings and a little pipe insulation, should take care of things.

      was this a hot water circulating line? if so, you need to inspect the inside for pitting. this might be the start of a more serious issue.

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        Thanks alot guys, I'm really new to all thsi stuff but I realized there was no foam insulation covering the cold water pipe, I'll be adding that today, thanks for the wonderful reply =)

        edit: the rubber was like made out of a water hose meterial or something, the plumber said it'll hold but I guess he was wrong ;; I think the condensation caused the rubber to expand and made a hole in the rubber. I'm not really too sure =/
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          No problem. You'll be getting my bill in the mail.
          Hey Plumber Rick. What's the flat rate for something like this?
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            flat rate for internet advice = $999.00


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              Alright guys, heading to the post office and sending the money =P


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                lorax, unlike a lawyer, i don't charge for advise. that's the whole purpose of these forums. if i did, i would be a rich man.


                by the way, that rubber leaking has nothing to do with condensation or expansion. just a very poor band aid repair.
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                  I normally don't give advice to non-plumbers, but I am offended by that first so-called repair job. Was this a plumber? Or was this a friend/handyman/someone-who-sort-of-knows-plumbing-but-will-do-it-cheap-guy? If it was you have no reason to complain. If it was a plumber who repaired your pipe with a rubber piece, and considered this a permanent fix, I'm with Rick on contacting him about damages.
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                    I agree with Plumbdog and Rick. Who ever came to your home the first time might have called himself a plumber but he wasn't.
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                      things to consider

                      are you on a well or city water system?
                      what is your water pressure?
                      are any toilets running or faucets leaking causing cold water to continue flowing through the pipe causing condensation?
                      condensation usually only occurs in a warm humid area when cold water flows throughthe pipe.