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    Originally posted by plumber

    Yeah copper has gone crazy. Even scrap is over $2.00 a pound here. Some projects have had to hire guards to stop thieves from ripping out walls in new work to get copper tube.

    I agree about the re-lining of pipe. It looks and sounds good on paper but I've yet to see it pay off in practice. The community in which i now live had its sewers under main street relined before they did a complete overhaul of the street about 5 or 6 years ago. Now they have already spent nearly the same amount of money digging up and repairing bad spots than if they would have just replaced the line as they did the street. And they still have a 1o0 year old sewer.
    So as not to confuse anyone this relining was where they sand-blast the old galvanized pipe and then line them with an epoxy type substance. The quote they gave the Board was $750,000 more than the Type L copper we went with and did not include any repairs where the corrosion was found to be beyond lining.

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      My misunderstanding on the lining. Thought you were refering to the interior lining. Not sure if i like the sound of putting a coating OVER bad pipe either. Particularly galvinized, the interior of that pipe will still have all kinds of problems.

      But the news ways are coming, for better or worse. MHO
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        sorry utah

        i was kidding on that one. my sentiments are with plumber! tool
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          I bid mine with my hourly rate plus material. Figure out how long it will take and add the material cost. give yourself enough time to get it done. If it doesn't take you as long as you planned you can subtract that from the bill and the owner will be happy it cost a little less.
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