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  • Needing Some Plumbing Advise

    We have an old house, one floor with one bath. When we drain a kitchen sink of dishwater, shower, etc., the water in the commode gurgles and bubbles.
    Although it's fun to hear the reaction of guests sitting on the pot when I fill the kitchen sink with water and drain it, I need to find what's causing this and get it fixed.
    We have relatively new septic drain lines, had the septic tank emptied a couple of years ago.
    So, does this sound like a venting problem or a tank/drain field problem?
    Thanks for any suggestions, I am definitely plumbing ignorant.
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    ken, it can be a few things. depending on how long this has been going on for will give you the answers.

    most likely it's a partially plugged drain 3''- 4'' line. that's why the toilet gurggles. does the toilet stop up? how long have you noticed this?

    i doubt that it's a venting issue. there should be a separate vent for the kitchen and toilet.

    also check your septic tank it might be time to pump it out.

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      The key word here may be old. Just for the fun of it you should verify you have plumbing vents above the fixtures coming through the roof.

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        Thanks for the replies Rick and mark,
        The line is at least 4" black iron. The toilet hasn't stopped up since the new drain field was done and the tank pumped out.
        This started a few months ago.
        There is a galvanized vent pipe through the roof over the kitchen and another over the bath. I ran a snake, (Ridgid of course) down both of them. I had gunk on the end of the snake after doing the kitchen one but nothing but rust stain on it from the one over the bath.
        Thanks again,
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