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Tainted water system

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    Sorry Plumbdog, it just sounded like you thought I didn't know what I was talking about. I should have explained a little better. The building is 10 years old with all copper lines. The problem occur es any time I shut any valve off on the hot water side or when the cold water main is shut down. (basically it's when the hot side is closed.) Again, I'm sorry for getting defensive.
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      mastadon, i had a very similar issue with a 27 story condo tower. the building had 4 different pressure zones and 1 common heater with storage tank.

      the building is on a very large high volume corridor. we removed the the massive storage tank and eliminated alot of sediment storage. this was done after the tank was put out of service for relining and the system worked as good without the tank as with it. it took alot of valves and bypassing to convert the heaters into an instantanious type. raypack said it couldn't and wouldn't work. well it's been 16 years now.
      this eliminated most of the brown water. they also installed water filters at the cold water pumping inlet. also at the hot water discharge. what was found was lots of dirt with the incoming domestic city water. also the ductil water main was changed to copper. the ductile iron valves (5'' and 6") were changed to all bronze.

      everything made an improvement to the clarity of the water. but the #1 issue was to isolate the area that needed to be shut off. when you limit the pipe size and drain down refill, you limit the amout of trapped residue that gets stirred up in the system. by elimiting the dirty water coming in with filters and eliminating the rust producing pipe and valves and storage, the dirty water has been 99% eliminated from the system. the dirty film that once coated the inside of the copper is now clean.

      mastadon, you can go through all the work we did, or you can attempt to limit the size of piping you shut off. isolate the shut down area if possible. also if you drain and fill at a normal rate, you'll be much better. slow fill will keep the system from stirring up the slime in the pipe.

      phoebe it is