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  • Where Is The Best Pipe Wrench

    Just Visit: "" Then you will have the right answer!
    Yida has brought "Speed Pipe Wrench" in market now with a patent number in US: 20020121162.
    Yida's Pipe Wrench more functional than any existings which seems similar to Yida like RapidGrip of Ridgid. After testing privately on a Ball Pein Hammer, RapidGrip resulted slips from the ball pein head and Yida's didn't. I assumed, Yida has protected efficiently all the important figures of their revolutionary Speed Pipe Wrench.
    I also aware that Yida's wrench had approved the corresponding US Standards "GGG-WE-651E". Thus, the quality of Yida's is guaranteed.
    I believe Yida is our Best Choice!

  • #2 20 years as a tradesman have I ever tried to use a wrench on a ball-pein hammer.
    Thank you for letting me know which one would be best if i ever have the need to do so.


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      Thank you yida/steven658 for that entirely unbiased sales pitch. It takes real balls to advertise on a competitors board. It also takes a person/company of little or no ethics. You can be assured that I WILL NOT be using your products. I will however continue to use Ridgid tools in my business.

      Douglas Hicks
      General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc


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        I saw this post when originally submitted and thought it to be a strange post. I also had made a mental note that steven658 had just become a forum member. It appears this person only registered just to post the advertisement and is not involved to learn himself or to help others. Or maybe not totally true - he has submitted help for us next time we need to privately grip a ball pein hammer.


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          Has anyone bothered to look at this yida's site? Just out of curiosity, I checked it out. Their version of the rapidgrip looks identical to the ridgid, obviously an copy of it that can be made cheaper. In fact, all of their other tools look like cheap versions. I'd never trust something like that in my hands. I think i'll stick to my trusty made in USA ridgid tools.
          Marcus Rinaldi<BR>Service Tech<BR>F&W Heating & Cooling


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            yida what..??? even its twice cheaper than my ridgid, i would rather stick with my ridgid pipe wrench... been loyal to me all these years...


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              Buy U.S.A. is my motto. RIDGID........there can be no substitute!


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                It looks like your tool is the same and I wonder if you are stealing a design? Maybe you just let Rigid know they need to look you over.

                Our business we use rigid aluminum pipe wrenches. From very samll to get in water meter boxes to very large. There really is not a better pipe wrench made than Rigid. We probably have a 1,000 of them and never had one problem.