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Plastic Icemaker Lines

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    Bob D,

    There is a big difference between pure CO2 and CO2 measured in parts per million. The well water is usually from deep wells and would release the CO2 if the water was aireated during storage but they don't do any more than pump it into tanks. Hard drawn copper is not bothered by the suspended CO2 but horizontal soft copper is.

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      Re: Plastic Icemaker Lines

      Originally posted by Clovishound View Post
      Why does everyone think copper is such a durable material? Everyone in my neighborhood, including myself, is having to replumb the entire supply system in our houses because they used copper supply in the slab. A few have spent the money to have the leaks located, then broke up the slab and fixed the leak, but it always ends up leaking somewhere else. I'm using PEX because now I have no choice but to have the plumbing in the attic, and even if I were to trust copper not to rot out from the inside, I know from experience that copper will break when it freezes. Pex will not. I realize that ice machine supply lines are a slightly different animal, but I just need to vent from time to time. Copper leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
      My question is if your water is eating out the copper what of your human body parts is it eating out. You may want to find out what is in the water from someone other than the local goverment.


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        Re: Plastic Icemaker Lines

        When using copper tubing leave a good coil and secure tube to back of refer. Copper compression fittings WILL leak if moved. SS flex connectors are good also. When running a line from a reverse osmosis system polypropelyne tubing is a good way to go rather than typical polyethelyne found at HD Place all tubing types so when rolling refer back it doesn't run over the tubing.