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  • What about WB?

    I was reading the last thread about Glacier Bay faucets and I just wanted to know what you guys thought of Wolverine Brass faucets and the "100 year no drip warranty" they have. Is it really better than all the others or is the "exclusive to plumbers only, no retail sales" just a facade? Funny because Sinkmaster says the same thing about its garbage disposals and I can go down to the local home center and find the same thing with a different shell with a different name made by Sinkmaster with a better warranty than what sinkmaster is giving us. Can somebody say "cahoots"? Does WB have faucets out under a different name? Why have such a nice faucet with a nice warranty that they are so proud of and only let plumbers sell them for an extreme amount of money while WB only takes in this certain amount which isn't that much more than a delta or kohler off the shelf? Kind-heartedness? Probably not.