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just what we need another plumber

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  • just what we need another plumber

    lol hey guys as most of you know i owned a carpentry company in maryland for 13 years then a rival company offered a deal i couldn't say no now i have moved here to florida tring to figure out what it was that i wanted to do now,i had thought about opening up a new company then have been very discourge by that then i thought i always wanted to drive a trachtor trailer across the usa then after my move from maryland to here i thought that might not be such a good idea,then i had a problem with my main drain rented a snake and thought to my self i really should learn more of last week i put in an app to one of my areas better shops(26 trucks 65 employees own ware house and no flat rates(i had to check))took my piss test on monday and started was pretty uneventful as we were looking for the sewer taps for new home construction just to find out they were never installed so it pretty much was a wasted day and tomarrow i think i will be working with some one else as they find"my place "in the company and in 18 months i go to school so i going to be a grunt for awhile again.and as far you guys asking if you sold your company why are you still working? the reason is simple i have two hands arms and legs but i only have one mind and seince i still dont know every thing this is just one more thing for me to learn i cant work in an office as i hate being in doors and most of my time seice i have been here i have been in my"shop"being bored to death so this will keep me busy
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    good luck osc. just be carefull when snaking those sewers. you might find a gator in one

    i'm sure you will have lots of questions in the months to come,
    bring them on

    phoebe it is


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      Git yerself a JAFO hat and have fun. LOL
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        Originally posted by papadan
        Git yerself a JAFO hat and have fun. LOL
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