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New guy here w/? about materials pricing

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  • New guy here w/? about materials pricing

    Hello everyone just found this site and thought it is great. I have always wondered how everyone else marks up their materials. I remember there used to be a book available, I think it was called "quickie pricing"??

    I have been on my own in business for myself for 8 yrs. with 0 employees. Plumbing only. Absolutely not flat rate. That is one of the reasons I decided to go out on my own.

    Thanks for your help, Bob

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    When I had my shop I used Trade Services. They have a plumber pricing manual you can carry on your truck but I carried the whole book on my truck. I assume now you can get it on a download and carry it on a laptop.

    Here is a link:

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      Laptop???!!!! Slow down I am not that advanced yet. Thanks for the link I will look into it. I was more/less wondering if people double their cost on fittings and other supplies. Bob


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        I used to charge what I paid for the materials down to the cent. I did it mostly to come up with a competitive bid. I learned quick that it didn't pay off if you needed more material. Plus, I was always a bit stressed about material costs cutting into my labor costs. I don't keep a large stock of material on my truck. I just buy as I need for the job at hand. It helps keep my finances in check. Nowadays, I get a rough estimate for the materials I need for a job and add about 20% -30% just in case I need more. Funny thing is that I always calculate for more material so I don't have to run back to the supply house, but it always seems that I need something else. The cost of copper keeps going up, so I'll call for a price on copper pipe to get an idea for the material costs.


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          I don't think I could not keep a full stock on the truck. I don't like driving around town gathering stuff. I have a truck stocked with all the things I need. I usually at least double cost on every thing, some things triple. Bob