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    I was talking to one of the apprentices from another job today and he told me an interesting story. before i start i will say that i may not have all the information as i was not on this job.
    anyways the guys were cutting into a 22 inch chilled water main (steel pipe). they were using a cutting torch and when they cut through it flames started shouting out of the pipe. So they did not know what the heck was going on so they called in a company to test the air that was coming out and they figured out that it was methane gas. Weird eh! anybody ever seen or heard anything like this.

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    Methane can occur naturally in well water. However, it is usually released once the water is exposed to the air. There are industrial companies which will test and locate the source of the methane. In most cases it is not toxic but it can still be flammable in high enough concentrations.

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