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    What I don't like about the Home Depot is that you can never be sure what you are getting. I have seen faucets on display that carry the name brand logos, but do not appear in the manufacture's master catalog. I would assume that these products are built to HD specifications in an effort to keep costs down.

    Ridgid sells a number of hand tools through Home Depot which do not appear in their catalog of website.
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      Handyman Services

      Personally I would be reluctant to use a handyman for plumbing work. For example. I moved into an apartment recently and the sillcock was split. The homeowner called a handyman. I'm happy I stuck around because if I was not there to show him the prober way I would have had a very wet bedroom. He wanted to only use pipe dope on the threads. He was very novice at sweating a joint which is why he wanted to use a compression coupling. Luckily, could not find one. On and on...

      I told him, tactfully of course, that if he needed any help that I was here. He was so nervous by being out of his comfort zone that he was literally shaking like a leaf in a F-5 tornado. I’m sure he was very skilled in carpentry but as a plumber... NOT!
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