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Glacier Bay Bathroom sink Issue................

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  • Glacier Bay Bathroom sink Issue................

    Hello all, I am having a issue with a Glacier Bay Bathroo sink. It is leaking on the cold side. I have changed the stem. And it still leaks ouut the fuacet.

    I see in where the stem goes I see a small black O ring, I was thinking that this mmay be the issue that I amm having with it.

    If I am right or wrong can some one please corect me or confirm my diagnoises.

    Thanks Mark

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    I'd like to help but I am unfamilar with Glacier Bay prodcuts, I understand that that is a Home Depot product...nearest Home Depot is 5 hours away from me.

    Is that "o-ring" possibly a cup style washer with a spring underneath it? Pull it out and examine the condition of it. They are easily replaced if that is the case. You might just be able to stretch the spring and solve your problem.

    Good luck, wish I could be of more help.