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  • Nipple Chuck Instructions

    I am looking for Instructions on how to use a Rigid Nipple Chuck. My partner, Ed, came across my old set in the shop and we aare trying to remember how to use it.

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    best advice, buy nipples

    there should be a set of instruction/ manual in the top of this forum. punch on the product demo and scroll through it to locate the section you need. look at the top for support. enter #819 nipple chuck in the search field.

    the smaller sizes need the little button in the nipple chuck. the 2'' is the main body and the adapters screw in to make it grip from 1.5'' down.
    the chuck is spring loaded to allow for easy removal and a spanner wrench is used to assist in removal.

    a full size piece of pipe is first threaded on 1 end without the nipple chuck.

    like i said, buy the nipples

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    phoebe it is


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      Thanks Rick, your discription is starting to remind me how to use it. My partner is interested in spending his time making nipples out of slightly larger nipples. Me, I will take you advice.



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        Leave it to my wife Kathy, the instructions for using the nipple chuck is in the Manual for the Rigid 300 machine.