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Pump for Laundry Sink

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  • Pump for Laundry Sink

    I want to add a laundry sink in my basement but the discharge sewer pipe exits the basement about 5' off the floor through the basement wall.

    I know I can add a tank and pump to pump up to the sewer piping.

    What would be a good pump and tank to use in this application.
    I am thinking that it can go directly under the sink.

    Would a connection from the tank to the vent stack also be nessesary?

    All of the drain and venting piping is accessable right above the sink location.

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    I can't personally reccomend it because I have never installed it, but this looks like a possible easy solution for you.
    the dog


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      He's another source:


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        Thanks for the info


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          Macerating Toilets & Sinks

          Check out this site;

          I just finished the install on the SaniPro system into my basment wit a vanity & shower. No pit to dig, and no slab to crack. It ejects thru a 3/4" PVC max of 12' vertical and 120' run with gravity drop. Got mine from Ferguson on special order, check with them but a sink system only should be in the $200 range. Only note, plan to get speed clamps for the unit, the included ones are a joke.


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            The zoeller link from plumbdog's post is probably the best way to go. It's really inexpensive and that little pump typically lasts ten to twenty-five years. I've seen quite a few of those around here in walgreens' and cvs' photo labs for their utility tub - which takes a lot of abuse! If it's good enough for that it oughta stand up to a washing machine for a good long while.