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stupid question what is the "quikflush" tool? anyone know

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  • stupid question what is the "quikflush" tool? anyone know

    Can't get all of the solder and rocks out of the lines feeding a Moen tub valve. Previous attempts to flush the lines flooded the wall and ceiling. Does anyone know anything about the "Quickflush" tool? Please help. Would like to know more about it,and how it works,where to get it.
    Last edited by jerry lee; 04-19-2006, 09:52 PM.

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    jerry, you need to remove the cartridge to allow the valve to flush all the debris. the tolerences in a pressure balancing valve are too close to expect anything through it.
    a section of copper tubing over the valve port should allow you to direct the water into the tub. if you have integeral stops then no helper is needed. the cart. is very prone to debris and in new construction, there has to be alot of care to keep the reaming shavings from entering the ports. in fact i have a new style reamer that doesn't shave the tubing and therefore is not an issue at all. solder should not be so excessive to bead up and roll lose in the system. flux is water soluable and isn't an issue anymore. wood debris is an issue with your plumbers and framers.

    other than removing a cart. with debris in it is just a snake oil sales pitch.

    phoebe it is