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    I install a new Weltol pressure tank last year. In the process I messed up the settings on the limit switch, so the well pump cycles more than it should. Can someone walk me through the process of "resetting" the switch?
    Thanks Tom

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    it's also the initial setting of the precharge air pressure that needs to be adjusted. you probably want to check the info for weltrol for the exact start up settings.

    i've only installed 1

    i'm a city boy

    phoebe it is


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      Not a plumber and was a city boy til we moved out to the country last week and my tank and well pump limit switch were set wrong. Had the builder back and he made it worse. SO here is how to fix it. Empty the system, shut off the pump close the valve to your house and drain it from the tap that should be below your pressure tank. Now check the precharge, at the top of the pressure tank there should be a valve like on a tire. It needs to be set 2 psi less than your pump cut in pressure. I set mine at 38 PSI which happens to be what the lable says was the factory setting. Turn everything back on and see where your line pressure is. Mine was set to turn on at 28 psi and off at 50. According to the wife who has very thick hair 28 psi aint enough to rinse soap out of her hair. So with the precharge now at 38 PSI I adjusted the cutin to 40 PSI and cutout to 60 PSI. If you remove the cover to your pressure switch there should be a diagram that shows you which screw to turn to adjust your settings. It should have two springs, the larger one in the center is used to adjust the cutin and cutout pressure. turning it CW increases both the in and out. CCW decreases both. I had to turn mine several turns CW. The other spring only effects the cutout pressure or swing. turning it CW will increase the swing by increasing the cutout pressure.
      I found it usefull to open the cold water tap in the laundry sink full and regulate the flow with the whole house shutoff valve so you can watch your pressure gauge will adjusting your in and out pressures
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        Found and ordered a digital switch made by Amtrol. Found it online but ordered it from a local plumbing supplier. No more springs!!