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  • new apprentice....kind of

    i am about to complete my ELTT (entry level trades training) plumbing course. I have also been working in the trade for the past 4 months as an apprentice and am starting a new job on monday and was wondering what tools you would expect an apprentice to have.

    Aslo im a canadian and am about to marry an american and was wondering if we were to move there what to expect from code changes and weither i would have an edge in the hiring process over someone that was green? Also how hard is it to get ino the union in the seattle area (local 30 or 33 i think).

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    You might check this site for information on the UA in Seattle.

    Information on apprenticeships in Washington state can be found here:

    Only someone in that area would be able to answer your questions about Seattle. I can tell you that in my local there are usually about 600 or more people who come looking for apprentice applications each year. Of those we only take about 20 each year into our apprenticeship program. Those that applied and were not accepted have to reapply the next year, and they have no preference over someone who just applied for the first time.

    My guess is that your background and previous work in the trade would probably be a plus when your application is reviewed by the selection board. It could make the difference if it came down to you and someone with no piping background, everything else being more the less equal.
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