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  • saltwater

    Hello every one! May be this off-topic but I want know may be any know about saltwater fish tank
    I search in google and found just this simply three links
    saltwater fish tank
    saltwater fish tank
    saltwater fish tank setup

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    Try "salt water tank"
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      Try marine aquarium.
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        What exactly are you looking for?

        If you're looking for prebuilt tanks and supplies i reccomend

        I used them for almost all my marine equipment needs.. thier prices are good and they always run a lot of good discounts.

        If you're looking for plans to make you're own it isn't really reccomended. The stand you can make no problem if thats what you're looking for but the glass enclosure is nearly impossable to get cut and joined perfectly that it's better off buying it pre-built otherwise you'll come home one day with a wet floor, dead fish and a lot of money wasted.

        If you're looking for a book on how to start and maintain a marine aquarium i've read plenty of books on the subject and the one that is the best for beginner aquarists is 'The Conscientious Marine Aquarist' by Robert M. Fenner


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          How about trying a forum on your subject?
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