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    Sometime back we had a discussion about unusual tools. I posted I have a companion flange ratcheting wrench for tightening companion flanges. Some felt the tool might be mythical but the tool was at my place in Utah so I could not post pictures. This weekend I went up to take care of some water company business so I snapped a few picture of the tool.

    The screw in posts for the holes in the flange also has two different size sleeves which go over the posts for different size holes. The level which is shown on the back of the tool snaps in to show you where level is but is removable for regular work. This is the only tool of this type I have ever seen.

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    That sure looks good.
    Makes my peice of Uni-Strut bolted to the flange look really primitive.


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      who made it?


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        I never doubted you had one. Like I said on the original post, I'd probably buy it if I saw it and it was reasonably priced. I too am a tool fanatic.

        But, I think it was one of the many tools that really have no reason to exist.

        It looks like it would have been expensive if bought new.
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          schick aluminum pipe wrenches

          Heres some strange pipe wrenches.