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  • 3 in One Day

    First Call of the day:fitting out a bathroom that i roughed in.
    Easy I thought, but the builder has raised the finished floor level 40mm.
    So now everything is at the wrong height:toilet p trap and water connection through back of cictern, p trap waste for basin etc.
    Finally convinced builder that he made the mistake not us.

    Second call: Blocked sewer at a house we recently renewed the drainage and they assume its my fault. Sewer has overflowed at downstairs toilet and made a real mess.
    2 causes. First they have somehow flushed a large nappy (daiper) down the drain causing the blockage. Second the new paving they had laid since we were there has covered the overflow gully.
    Had to use my diplomacy skills again and explain why the mess wasnt my fault.

    Thrid call: From an owner builder wanting a price for plumbing the new house he's building.
    It turns out the job is quite advanced. Im talking 2 storey brick and concrete construction nearly complete with not one peice of plumbing installed.
    This guy honestly thought the plumbing could be done by "Just taking the pipes through the wall and outside."
    It turns out the first two plumbers he called werent interested , and he wants the job done quickly.
    I proposed to him that i take the job on a do and charge basis. Should know by tomorrow if he wants us to go ahead.

    Just shows that sometimes things dont go smoothly, and you never know what you'll encounter in a day of plumbing.


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    I hope this wasn't a good day.
    One of the best lessons I learned from my father is when he did nothing to help me. I then learned to help my self.


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      A good day after all.

      After yesterdays debacle it was good news today.

      Mr Builder has admitted fault and authorised us to sort out his bathroom as do and charge.

      The owner of the blocked drain apologised for yesterdays blow up and gave me tickets to the football.

      And we got the job to plumb the house with no plumbing.

      I can relax now.