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Moving a shower

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  • Moving a shower

    I'm a carpenter and handyman and I mostly do remodelling type work. Plumbing is not my specialty. A customer wants to simply move a shower and I am trying to get the clearest idea of how to do this with my pretty scant plumbing knowledge. Most I've done is replace a few plumbing items. i havent seen the job yet but he cliams the ceiling is so low that the shower head is like waist high and he he may just want to turn the whole bathroom into a closet, and move the bathroom into some other room. at any rate it appears that I will have to be actually moving the shower at the very least. can anybody tell me the following:

    1. how difficult is this to do with limited plumbing experince?

    2. Assuming its one of these cheap plastic showers - is it set on the subfloor as is or is there some grouting involved or what?

    3. can anybody discuss in a general sense what will be done with the pipes - will I add extensions and so on, what in a general sense am I likely to encounter?

    4. How much should I charge him for the job.

    5. is moving the sink and toilet more difficult (I know the toilet probably is)

    6. any other relevant discussion apprecated.

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    Hi Will, I'm also a carpenter that does plumbing

    From your questions,this is my advice. do this as a joint venture, with a plumber that is willing to share His knowledge with you. DO it on a time and material basis. If the customer balks,you walk. wrong customer for you!
    this advice will keep you out of trouble! I feel you don't have the experiance
    ,from your questions, to go it alone. GOOD luck and please keep us posted Tool
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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      thanks for that advice. thats the conclusion I'm coming to myself - sub out the plumbing or just tell him to get a plumber to get all the piping in place first so all I have to do is install a shower and hook a few things up.

      thanks for the reply, and yeah I'll keep you posted,