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Do you use GPS on your cell phone

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  • Do you use GPS on your cell phone

    Hey, folks, I came across an article the other day, it says that a firm in Amsterdam has developed a new software called Nav4All, that is designed to be uploaded to our GPRS cell phones, and by collaborating with an external GPS receiver, helps the phone holder to locate, and moreover, it can also help the user to find the way to virtually any corner of the world by simply sending a request to a backstage central server via GPRS internet, holy God, that's so cool! The thing is still at the testing stage right now, planning to launch in this summer, but so far, the feedback it receives from testers across Europe is pretty positive, especially its low cost and simplicity, arms it with a certain advantage against other navigation tools, such as TomTom, or Wayfinder. Well, honestly, I'm pretty looking forward to this newbie...

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    there has been more and more junk mail coming into this forum. josh should put in a filter for first time posters. give josh a chance to look into this first

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    phoebe it is


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      That was my thought too. Quit a coincidence this was his first posting on such a marvelous technology. Yada, yada ,yada.
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