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  • Lower Flush Standards

    According to Reeves Journal, California is considering lowering the flush volume of toilets and urinals.
    the dog

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    dog, i read that a couple of days ago too.

    mechanically the new toilets will be able to flush with 1.3gpf. the waste will get through the toilet. the problem is not in the toilet, it's the lack of water carrying the waste down the complete waste line into the city main.

    over the years i've encountered an abundance of stoppages that are "paper stoppages". this has even affected new buildings. i have had issues in 2 buildings that are only a couple of years old affecting the powder rooms. (guest toilet and sink only) the issue is when the powder room line 3''-4'' is separated from the rest of the waste system, there is no other flow to carry the papaer and fecal matter down stream. this has happened on properly installed and graded 3'' and 4'' lines. one system is approx. 40' to the other waste lines and the second system is approx. 70'. there is no simple fix.

    i've requested that the owners double flush the toilets and even leave the sink run while in the powder room. whether they've done this is questionable? the 40' powder run is a 4 story building with 4 stacking powder rooms. and the 70' run is a 3 story with 3 powder room stacking.

    i even tried to replace a 30' section of 3'' horizontal to 4''. this helped for 1 year only.

    at this point, the owners are not using these toilets on a regular basis. they are just using it for "guest".

    i feel that the codes need to change on placement of powder room toilets in relation to other waste lines. 40' is too far, 70 feet is crazy.

    keep in mind both of these buildings are large square footage, so there is alot of distance between the guest powder room and full bathrooms.

    one other suggestion on these 2 buildings is to install a sewer ejector pump and divert the waste from the powder room to the ejector pump. thus eliminating the 40'- 70' horizontal gravity run. the other suggestion is to find older 3.5 gpf toilets. (1 piece, colored)

    keep in mind that both of these buildings are new and were designed with the 1.6 gpf toilets. imagine the stoppages i come across in older buildings with older cast iron pipe.

    so to sum it up, it's not an issue within the toilet that's a problem. it's the concept that 1.6 can't carry the waste now, 1.3 will only make it worse or make me richer

    phoebe it is


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      Here we've got super 4.5/3 litre flush cisterns!
      Ithink thats about 1 gallon / 0.6 gallon.


      Yes Rick is right about problems in least used bathrooms.

      Here in Sydney water supply or lack there of is a big issue. Sydneys main dam is at 40% capacity.

      All new construction has to comply with BASIX (Building and Sustainability Index) which means it has to use 40% less water and energy than standard construction.

      No doubt these small volume flush toilets help with BASIX compliance, but other issues arise.

      Not to mention people fitting them to older bowls and wondering why it wont clear the sunday morning special.