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  • back up sump pump

    A friend asked to evaluate a sump problem. Last rainfall, a big one, his sump didn't keep up. He had a lot of water on the floor. I haven't checked on the HP but suggested a bigger pump. Nor have I checked the outside of his house, i.e. grading, etc. The area of concern is an addition, about 3' below the rest of the house. It also looked like water was coming in at the joining of the addition to old foundation. He wants a backup system besides this other problem. I've been surfing and found 2 types, the rechargable battery backup and the water pressure type that mounts above in the ceiling joists. I've heard that rechargeable batteries die from obvious lack of use which seems reasonable but I was wondering about this non-electrical water pressure type of pump backup system. It sounds good considering you don't have to rely on batteries. Anybody with some experience, insight to offer???

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    All quality battery back ups a I am familiar with have a trickle charger incorporated with their system so that dead batteries are not an issue.

    Your friend need to address the issues of water leakage and have his walls made water tight. This could cause more problems than just a wet floor in the future. Checking the grade of his yard outside is important and something one cannot just tuern a blind eye towards.

    Your water powered back up is a system not very widely used here in the mid west Mississippi river bottoms where we have had major ground water issues forever. I hope that answers your question regarding them.
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      Thanks for the reply "plumber". All the issues that I posted originally will be addressed besides the backup pump. I have yet to see that side of the house where these problems originate and to even look at his pump and pit.

      Is there a recommended model to use?
      I downloaded a few from websites. They are competetive relative to prices - approx $500-$600
      @ 800 gph w/o battery.


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        sanyue, i just installed a battery unit. the owner purchased it from graingers. it has a computerized charger, controller. seems to be pretty good. this one will only pump clear water. no muck. less expensive if you supply your own deep cycle battery.

        a water powered pump, works on the venturi principle. a very reliable concept. the problem is if the inlet to the pump or the discharge line were to plug up. if this happens then not only do you have the water you were trying to pump out, but the additional water that the pump is adding. this pump is better suited for an outdoor installtion where a potential flood is not going to get you in trouble.



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          Thanks guys, all good advice. This is a great site.


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            Zoeller makes the best pumps out there.


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              The first word in Therons last post is the most important word one needs to know about pumps. MHO
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