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Where to get K-380 accessories?

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  • Where to get K-380 accessories?

    I'd like to get two accessories for my K-380 drum machine - item 59782 (two-wheel transport cart) and item 87337 (auto feed assembly). Has anybody gotten these by special ordering through Home Depot? They don't seem to stock those accessories at my local store. If so, can you give me an idea on pricing from Home Depot?

    Alternatively, from where else might they be available? A search brought back a few vendors, but I have never heard of any of them, and would rather get the items locally (in Connecticut) from a dealer than through ordering by internet/mail from an unknown (to me, at least) vendor...

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    i would not use an auto feed on a 3/8'' cable you'll end up buying a new cable and also possible getting bit. ( cable wrapped up around your limbs).

    i believe this machine will also run 1/2'' cable . 1/2'' will do alright with an auto feed.

    phoebe it is


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      try this out. I would check the online stores first. A few of them should carry the accessories.



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        Thanks for the caution on the auto-feed with 3/8-inch cable. I don't have any experience with the unit yet, and so any such advice is welcome...


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          We can always get you the parts even if they are not listed on our website.

          87337 (autofeed) - $115.16

          59782 (cart for K-380) - $90.32

          We are also listed on rigid's list of where to buy.
          Ohio Power Tool - Ridgid
          Coptool - Power Tool Blog