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  • sump pump alarms

    My facilty has 8 pumps and after a big rain the alarms are going off for 20 to 40 minutes.I can not have this as its a disturbance to them and to me at 4 in the morning when my pager goes off.

    What do you all recomed?Going up to a 3/4 pump from a 1/2 or just adding another pump ???


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    You say you have 8 pumps, how are they set up? Do you have two pumps per sump or only one or maybe more? Are they set up so the first one kicks in at some level and then the second about an inch or two higher so that if the first can not keep up then the second comes online too.

    You could also wire them in a lead/lag setup so one pump does not always come on first and get the majority of the work. This would swap which pump starts first. the level switch setup is a little more involved than the staggered start above.
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      you need to address what has been going on.

      how old is this installation?

      how long has this been happening?

      is this a 1 time issue because of an extreamly heavy rainy season?

      are all the pumps working properly? are the check valves holding?

      bob brought up a good commercial pump design. the use of 2 pumps per pit with an alternator pumping design. this is what we use for large design installations. this allows for low flow installations and large peak flows. also the alarm can be put into a silent mode once activated.

      you need to first determine the flow coming in based on the square footage that it protects and the hourly rain fall based on the 100 year rain charts. the pumps are then sized by these figures along with the total head pressure the pump needs to overcome to get the water out to the point of discharge.

      a good acessment of your current installation will dictate the direction you need to go. repair or redesign the installation.

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        1.The installation is about 4 years old
        2.we had rain the first time in a month and was an extremely hard downfall. But normally this has been a problem with the different pump alarm going off at hard rain falls.
        3. All the check valves are working as to my last inspection 3 weeks ago.
        4. The pumps are just single pumps in the pit. I don’t have any other pumps assisting them.

        Hope this narrows things down a bit for me.


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          sounds like the installation is undersized. you need to get the system properly sized and engineered. the pits are probably too small for a second pump with the series of floats.

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            It was.I had a engineer come in 3 years ago go figure.

            I`m just going to upgrade them to 3/4 pumps or just keep them 1/2 and get more gpm??