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Pex tubeing and fittings

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  • Pex tubeing and fittings

    Im looking for some information on pex and what kind of fittings are the best to use. I know not everyone will agree but just hopeing some people will have a few good ideas for me. Ive actually seen some fittings for copper that are copper and have a 90 on them and then a peice with 4 screws on it to use instead of a backer board. I would love to use them but have not found a place that sells them in the local area. Also sort of hard when your telling them by description. But for anyone who has used pex and knows of a good web page please let me know.


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    mike, try wirsbo.

    keep in mind that each manufacture has a propriatary design. their pipe, fittings, and tools are used as a system. unlike copper where anyones copper will mix with anyones fittings.

    phoebe it is


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      Wirsbo is actually who i got my crimpers through. I was under the impression the only thing you needed to get through them were the rings. And that you could use any other manufactors fittings.


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        it's a system. the tubing, fittings, and rings are all parts of the system.

        i would stick with all the same brand. if there is a leak, no one will back you up.

        the same goes with gas "csst" pipe and fttings.

        phoebe it is