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Pex tubing used for T&P Drain. Is it legal?

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  • Pex tubing used for T&P Drain. Is it legal?

    Do any other plumbers here use pex tubing to connect a water heaters T&P valve to copper drain lines that lead to the exterior of the building? I'm a service plumber and do it on a regular basis without thinking twice about it being a code violation. But recently someone brought it to my attention that it might be in violation of 608.5. My code book dates back to 1994 and does not mention pex tubing. What do you guys think? violation or not?

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    pex is still up in the air here in calif. it is legal for area heating, but still a city by city basis for domestic.

    as far as i can remember, pex is ok for connection to a water heater , but needs 6'' clearence from the vent, heat source. as far as a drain connection to the prv. as long as it is not exposed to the outdoor, uv light. it should be fine. it still has to be full size (3/4'') and terminated to an approved location 6''-24'' off the ground.

    this is my recollection as my code book dates back to 1982


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      Don't know if it is legal, but the max temperature for pex is usually around 180. Make sure the pipe and the connections are rated for high temps. I know it is not recomended for water heater but don't know if it is illegal.


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        From the Arizona UPC amendments:

        6. Sec. 608.5 is modified to read:
        All relief valves shall be provided with a drain, not smaller than the relief valve outlet, of galvanized steel, hard drawn copper piping and fittings, CPVC, PB, or listed relief valve drain tube with fittings which shall not reduce the internal bore of the pipe or tubing (straight lengths as opposed to coils) and shall extend from the valve to the outside of the building with the end of the pipe not more than two feet (0.61 m) nor less than six inches (152.4 mm) above the ground and pointing downward. Such drains may terminate at other approved locations. No part of such drain pipe shall be trapped and the terminal end of the drain pipe shall not be threaded.

        So since they allow and mention PEX elsewhere in the Arizona code my guess is they do not allow it at the T&P drain lines. I believe the problem with the PEX is it comes in a coil which can reduce the internak bore depending on the radius of a bend.

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