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Double Clean-Outs IAMPO Results

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  • Double Clean-Outs IAMPO Results

    I finally recieved the first of my two questions regarding inline clean-outs that Rick and I debated some time ago. I would post the actual email, but they went to pains to tell me that any reproduction is a violation of their copyright. Seems to me it would save them the, what?, two months it took them to answer this if more plumbers can see it, but what do I know?

    I asked if double clean-out fitting, such as a Tyler #010654, was allowed under section 707.4 (4). The answer: yes.
    the dog

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    Rick is actually camping until Sunday. I just let him know and I am sure he will be responding as soon as he gets back in town.

    phoebe it is


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      dog, i just looked up that part # and it's the only one that i use. at the supply house it's known as a "texas twin".

      amazing that you can't get a straight answer from iapmo

      now if only the inspectors can get this info, as it seems that the local combination inspectors don't have a clue. i've had to remove more than 1 to get an inspection on a sewer repair, replacement

      good news is that i've installed many more with great results as long as you know your total reverse safe distance to snake

      phoebe it is