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Sump pump won't stop

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  • Sump pump won't stop

    I've replaced a sump pump in my basement with one of the same make and model. However...the pump will not shut down when the water level drops. It has a diaphragm switch, and the troubleshooting material said (if the discharge pipe included a check valve, which it does) to drill a 3/16 hole in the pipe about two inches above the discharge connection. It still will not shut down. Anybody have an idea what I may be doing incorrectly?

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    does the pump actually pump out the water and lower the level of the pit?

    the pump literature should give you the on and off levels of the pump.

    the 3/16'' hole is important as it prevents the pump from getting an air lock since a check valve is required and is insatlled.

    phoebe it is