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    just my 3 cents

    We also do welding, and two of my favorite weld sites are weld talk and shop floor. I feel what makes them interisting are the many pictures of projects. there's a large variety of work. big rig guy is stretching frames
    on oversize trucks. we have active duty milatary welding armor on vehicles
    in Iraq. I know there are some interisting plumbing and mech. projects out there. Lets start posting some pix. how about a plumbing wall of shame?
    and one of fame?
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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      Not a Lurker.

      I'm new around here, I'm not lurking.
      I was a Body&Fender combo man/Auto Painter for 12 years ,once I started having kids, my dad said "son you need medical benifits and a pension now." So I joined the Carpenters Union ,Local #1185 Resiliant Flooring Installers , He got me in as he was a flooring man. Did that the last 18 years, up until I was hurt on the job in July of '05, can't return to it though, cut a few tendons and they were missed in the ER so for 6 months they shrank away(sufferd atrophy) complained of no grip no strength for them 6 months , had leigions adhering to the scare so Dr. did surgery to release them, then he found the severd tendons what was suppose to be an hours surgery turned into almost 4 ,(I was awake through it) he took another tendon from my arm and used it to graft the other tendons together arm will never be the same so I wont be returning to flooring, Now workmans comp is looking into placing me in other work. Found the Ridgid site as I was setting up myself a little woodworking shop in my heated garage to keep somewhat busy and not go insane sitting home (I have 4 kids ranging from 5-19). Been a Tradesman a LONG time I'm 45, and have many interests, this forum for one I find it informative and alot of good folks on here , there may not be 100 posts per day, but theres plenty to read.I'm enjoying it.
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